Cerese Security, security firm - Foolproof security for your business, institution or home. We offer a variety of services ensuring your safety.

Cerese Security
Dog handler

Enjoy a total peace of mind and an impeccable security. Trust your Cerese security company to remain in perfect control of all high-risk situations.

Cerese Security is unanimously recognized for its excellent service and the professionalism of its collaborators, security agents and dog handlers. It has built an impeccable reputation, earning the trust of numerous companies, professionals and private clients.

Whatever the security level you require or the scope of the sites you want to protect, your security agency, located in the heart of Wallonia, can offer you an exceptional service meeting all your requirements.

Dog handler

The safety of your loved ones, your buildings and possessions presupposes a combination of efforts, techniques and human vigilance. Therefore our company offers you the services of dog teams with dog handlers and security agents specialized in detection and protecting you from risks in any situation.

Committed to your full satisfaction, or dog teams with expert dog handlers continuously train in order to maintain a superior competence and performance level and to keep abreast of the latest security techniques.

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Ministerial authorization: 16.0010.07
VAT : BE 0455 756 676
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