Cerese Security, security firm - Foolproof security for your business, institution or home. We offer a variety of services ensuring your safety.

Who are we?

Since more than 20 years, Cerese Security is your security firm.

Our field experience has enabled us to create Cerese Security, a licensed security company.

Your safety is our concern

Your safety is our first goal and our primary concern. We assure a service of the highest quality, meeting your specific needs. All your requests are taken into account in order to ensure an optimized security. We assure a scheduled service, but also intervene in emergencies, 24 hours a day, day and night.

High quality guarding services

We offer various guarding services: static agents, dog handlers and for the most delicate situations. We protect private and commercial buildings as well as institutions such as embassies.

Société de sécurité et de protection personnelle

Cerese Security control all risk factors in order to act preventively

We control risk factors and develop a set of parameters creating a secure and safe environment. We know and anticipate each hazard for an effective response to any situation.

Our earnestness, our professionalism and our rigor allow us to ensure quality protection in various types of missions.

The advantages of Cerese Security:

  • Discretion
  • Availability
  • Diplomacy
  • Trust
  • Efficiency

Do you need our services? Do you want more information? Contact us.


Effective and fast
Service 24/24H

Call us at
contact Cerese Security
Avenue du Grand Vivier 2
6041 Gosselies (Charleroi)
Tel. : 02/8516491
Ministerial authorization: 16.0010.07
VAT : BE 0455 756 676
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