Cerese Security, security firm - Foolproof security for your business, institution or home. We offer a variety of services ensuring your safety.

Cerese Security
Security company

In order to prevent and thwart all malicious attempts on yourself, your loved ones and your possessions, Cerese Security, your security firm, commits all its knowhow and its full mastery of proven protection techniques to your safety, responding to your needs in the most efficient way.

Taking risks is a centrepiece of our daily work. Our security and protection company uses the strictest recruiting procedures and applies demanding selection rules, guaranteeing an impeccable service delivery.

Our polyvalent, highly competent teams of security agents and static agents have made their mark in the field and are apt to control all delicate situations and to protect you from any attempt on your person.

Security company

Our security firm, working in close proximity and always listening to you, is established in Wallonia. We always honour our engagements and constantly strive to improve our services and surpass our performance.

If you would like more information or discuss our service offer, we invite you to contact us by telephone or by submitting the contact form


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Service 24/24H

Call us at
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Avenue du Grand Vivier 2
6041 Gosselies (Charleroi)
Tel. : 02/8516491
Ministerial authorization: 16.0010.07
VAT : BE 0455 756 676
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