Cerese Security, security firm - Foolproof security for your business, institution or home. We offer a variety of services ensuring your safety.

Cerese Security
Surveillance agency

Entrust all your personal protection and the surveillance of possessions and premises to the services of Cerese Security, your security company. Enjoy an impeccable security system and an optimal vigilance, at carefully studied rates defying all competition.

Your security company, ideally based in the province of Walloon Brabant, works anywhere in Belgium for both private individuals and professional clients.

In order to deploy an impeccable security system in your home and an optimized protection of your possessions, Cerese Security offers you its state of the art capabilities in various fields of expertise.

Surveillance agency

Our teams are polyvalent, dynamic and devoted. Our bodyguards and static surveillance agents have all received a top level initial training, continuously complemented with specialised and refresher courses, in order to maintain efficiency and handle the most tense and dangerous situations.

Trust our security company with your safety and enjoy a unique knowhow, customized solutions and superior services at the best prices.

Contact us today and discover how the Cerese Security team can help you.


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Service 24/24H

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Avenue du Grand Vivier 2
6041 Gosselies (Charleroi)
Tel. : 02/8516491
Ministerial authorization: 16.0010.07
VAT : BE 0455 756 676
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