Cerese Security, security firm - Foolproof security for your business, institution or home. We offer a variety of services ensuring your safety.

Cerese Security
Surveillance agents

Because an infallible security system is first of all a matter of vigilance and human alertness, Cerese Security protects your premises with a team composed of highly qualified surveillance agents and security agents.

Efficiency, discretion and dissuasion are the keywords of our trade. You security firm offers a large range of security services and proven solutions. Cerese Security is polyvalent and provides all necessary resources to effectively respond to all your needs regarding static surveillance, dog teams and close personal protection.

Surveillance agents

As your safety is our primary concern, Cerese Security uses the strictest selection rules and extremely demanding recruiting criteria in order to assure the reliability and performance of its teams and surveillance agents.

Please to not hesitate to contact us by telephone for more information on our service offer.


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Tel. : 02/8516491
Ministerial authorization: 16.0010.07
VAT : BE 0455 756 676
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