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Dog handler

The Belgian company Cerese Security offers you a service of dog handlers to ensure efficient security. Our dog handlers form complementary and effective pairs to ensure optimal protection and supervision of your sensitive companies or stocks.

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Training in pairs to form a successful team

Our dogs are trained from a very early age in order to form with their owner a very efficient dog unit. The dog and its owner train together in pairs to reinforce their connection. This proximity between agent and dog guarantees effective interventions and optimal safety during surveillance missions.

Do not hesitate to use our services also for close protection of people.

Guarding missions with shepherd dogs

Our Cerese Security dog handlers ensure safety together with shepherd dogs (German and Malinois). Shepherd dogs are the only dogs eligible for surveillance missions. Lively and obedient, they greatly reduce the risk of burglary, vandalism or disturbance of public order.

Groupe de chiens à la leçon d'obéissance.

What are the main missions of our dog-handlers?

  • Monitoring of public places
  • Carrying out control missions
  • Accompanying agents during nightly missions
  • Carrying out search missions (thieves, narcotics, explosives, etc.)
  • Ensuring the protection of a private residence or company (protection of the site and people)

The assets of dog handlers

The presence of a canine unit is a considerable advantage for the safety of your organization. Dogs have a strong deterrent effect on people and are faster than humans at night or in bad weather to detect the presence of possible intruders. Our dog handler guards maintain a daily complicity with their pet, which makes our teams more efficient. We also offer close protection for people with or without dogs according to your specific needs.

Do you need a guard service with dog handlers in Belgium to ensure the safety of your organization? Please contact us.

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