Monitoring and static guarding of your company or home

Static guarding

Cerese Security has been active as a guarding company for over 20 years. We offer you static security services to ensure the security of your buildings, organizations or homes. Our work consists in evaluating the perimeter to be secured and setting up a coherent mission to meet your needs.

Missions de gardiennage

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A tailor-made static security solution

Our static agents remain vigilant in order to prevent as much as possible any risk of intrusion or theft into your home or your company. Each place (company, institution, housing, store, etc.) and each customer, according to its specificities, is confronted with different security threats and problems. We offer you a personalized approach according to your activities and the kind of control that you are looking for. We remain at your disposal to assess with you the potential dangers that could affect the safety of your site.

Our mission is to implement a static security solution to meet your needs and increase the level of security for your home or organization.

Experienced agents for enhanced surveillance

Wherever they work, our guards will provide a high quality service and demonstrate irreproachable professionalism. The safety of people will always come first and remain our first priority. Our static agents also provide an effective security image for your organization. Posting two guards at the entrance to your company can increase the sense of security for your employees, customers or visitors. We also offer you dog handlers, close protection or interventions after an alarm. Whatever your needs, we can provide you with the right guarding agents.

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