Rapid intervention by our agents after your alarm has been triggered

Intervention after alarm

As a specialized guarding company, Cerese Security offers you the possibility to intervene very quickly in your home or company in case your alarm system is triggered.

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Service 24/24

For a truly effective alarm system

Far too many individuals and companies equip themselves with a simple alarm system without thinking about how to respond when the system is triggered. Your alarm goes off, what should I do? Go to the scene yourself to confront the thieves? Call the police?

Indeed, thieves or intruders will slightly be slowed down by the alarm but without the intervention of a guarding company, you will take risks for your safety or the thieves will already have left before the police are on the scene.

Our agents are directly informed when your alarm is triggered. They are specially trained for this type of intervention and will guarantee you optimal service as soon as your system is activated.

Jeune Garde De Sécurité

Intensified surveillance of your home or business

On the basis of a contract, the terms of which we negotiate together, we provide you with:

  • A system connected to your remote monitoring centre
  • A guard equipped with a vehicle who can quickly intervene in the event of an alarm being triggered
  • A direct contact to inform you of the situation
  • A complete inspection of the site
  • A quick diagnosis to determine the causes of the trigger

Cerese Security can offer you surveillance during your holiday periods or at any time of the year to guarantee you optimal security. These missions can also be carried out by our dog handlers. Go on holiday or weekend in complete safety or spend quiet nights knowing that your buildings are well secured and that Cerese Security units are ready to intervene at any time.

A tailor-made solution for alarm response

On the basis of your real needs, we establish the terms of our contract by implementing a personalized solution with an excellent price-quality ratio and an impeccable service. In addition to this service, we can also set up a static guard system on request or a warehouse guard to reduce theft in your business.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made solution adapted to your needs.

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Do you need a guarding company to provide a security service: static guards, dog handler or personal protection? Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

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