Call on our agents for effective close protection

Protection of persons

Our agents are trained to ensure effective close protection in sensitive missions or tense contexts throughout Belgium. We are at your disposal for temporary or regular protection of persons according to your needs.

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Service 24/24

Additional services for your safety

Cerese Security also offers you a static security service and a dog handler service that can complete your close protection. Active throughout Belgium, our company is at your disposal and provides close protection adapted to your request.

Our measures are discreet and effective so that you can continue your activities in complete safety. According to your request we can provide you with a team of agents. All our agents are trained to comply with the procedures that will be put in place in advance.

Services that can be adapted to your expectations

  • Temporary protection: you are passing through Brussels or Belgium and you are looking for close protection during your stay, for a particular event or an appointment? We provide you with one or more professional guards to guarantee your security.
  • Regular or long-term protection: do you or your family need long-term or regular close protection when you come to Belgium? Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss it and propose guards for this protection.
  • Protection abroad: you are going abroad for a business trip, a private stay or any other trip abroad and you want to be accompanied by one or more agents to guarantee your close security? Do not hesitate to contact us.
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Control of risk factors

We have maximum control over risk factors and provide a personalised response adapted to your needs. By analysing together with you the various potential dangers, we can prevent risks and anticipate our actions to ensure irreproachable safety.

Close protection adapted to your needs

Our agents are trained for close protection and have the necessary skills to offer you an appropriate response and ensure your safety in all situations, everywhere in Belgium. Are you looking for a company to provide close protection in Belgium? Do not hesitate to contact us.

High quality security services
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Do you need a guarding company to provide a security service: static guards, dog handler or personal protection? Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

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